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Our Expectations

What you can expect from Campton United SC!

Our purpose is to promote good sportsmanship, teamwork, achievement, excellence, self-confidence and fun for players and their families through the game of soccer. The conduct of coaches, family members and spectators is critical to this process.

Considering the thousands of people involved with Campton United games, the instances of poor conduct each year are remarkably few. These few instances, however, will not be tolerated. Civility, decency and respect are concepts that we all should understand. Each person attending a Campton United game should be aware of our standards of conduct.  

Campton United is a premier competitive soccer club; there is NO guarantee of minimum playing time. The Directors of Coaching will handle all unresolved disputes between coaches and players (parents). In the interest of player development, players will occasionally cross- train or guest play within age groups, and/or guest play outside the Club (e.g. college showcase opportunities). Such guest playing opportunities will only be with the pre-approval of the Director of Coaching.

The Director of Coaching will work with each Head Coach to determine the tournaments and programming that will be appropriate for each team and player. All tournament entries and other soccer related activities would be pre-approved by the Director of Coaching.  The Director of Coaching will work with each Head Coach on the practice location and time.  The decisions made by the Director of Coaching will be final. 

Campton United Soccer Club is committed to providing the following:

  • A comprehensive soccer program, which is designed to maximize each player’s fullest potential. Each player will be assigned to a team that will have a Head Coach, who is overseen by the club’s full time staff, including the Boys & Girls Directors of Coaching.
  • In an effort to develop every player: teams will train and play games, each team will be entered into a league that meets their ability, teams will be representing Campton United Soccer Club in tournaments in and out of state. Teams will be entered into tournaments that meet their ability and competition level. 
  • From time to time, optional fee based camps and programming will be offered to the club members, which is not part of the base tuition.