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Spring 2018 Goalkeeper Schedule:

Level Group Day Time Location Coach
LEVEL 1 Wednesday 6:00-7:15PM Breen Coach Eric & Coach Szymel
LEVEL 2 Wednesday 4:30-5:45PM Breen Coach Szymel
LEVEL 3 Tuesday 6:00-7:15PM Breen Coach Szymel
LEVEL 4 Monday 4:30-5:45PM Breen Coach Jason & Coach Szymel


        As a goalkeeper you have a very specific set of skills, abilities, and responsibilities that make you unique to any other player on the field.  Goalkeeping is comprised of four main components; technical, physical, tactical and psychological.  It is the objective of the goalkeeping staff to teach and coach all four of these aspects in training and game settings.

       Goalkeeper specific training is primarily focused on the first two components, technical and physical.  This is where we will work hard to build and maintain our fitness in goal as well as hammer home the technical components.  The old adage 'practice makes permanent' is the key here with lots of hard work, lots of movement and coordination, and lots of reps.  From a young age, we want to harness the natural athleticism, fearlessness, and abilities of every goalkeeper and work to fine tune them to help every single one become the best that they can be and be a 'Campton Goalkeeper!'

       The tactical side of goalkeeping is a part of the game that is often overlooked in the coaching process.  Too many times goalkeepers are told to 'go stand in the goal' while training is going on.  As a result, they are not involved in a team training session that involves tactics.  This teaching and understanding of the game is something that will be incorporated into the goalkeeper development and learning by attending team training sessions and games.  Goalkeepers will have specific coaching and instructions that relate directly to their role and position within the team.  This will help to ensure that every goalkeeper will become a smarter, more well-rounded soccer player.

       The final piece of being a goalkeeper is the psychological component.  This part is one that is a bit more difficult to teach and coach and is typically very dependent on the individual goalkeeper.  Staying engaged and mentally focused through an entire training/game, what makes you tick, and what is the best approach to motivate you are some of the biggest challenges that goalkeepers face.  Since it is such a specialized position, and at times goalkeepers are not involved in the action of a game, keeping their heads on straight and focused at all times is key.  Working with goalkeepers before, during, and after trainings and games is key to this component of being a successful goalkeeper.

       With guidance and coaching from the goalkeeping staff and a proper mentality, every goalkeeper is capable of making a positive impact on their team.  


Goalkeeper Warm-Up

1) Passing (LEVEL 3 & 4)
          -1 GK in goal with 2 targets placed near edge/corner of 18 yard box.  Pass from one side to the other (10).  If there is only 1 GK and one server, straight passes work here.  LEVEL 1 & 2 can pass or play possession with team here.  If time does not permit for LEVEL 3 & 4, passing with team is good here too.

2) Stationary reps (focus on getting set on time for all reps) (LEVEL 1, 2, 3, & 4)
          -volleys to chest (5)
          -drop kicks to chest (5)
          -strikes off of ground to chest (5)

3) Footwork and saves (LEVEL 1, 2, 3, & 4)
          -Start 2-3 yards from post and server standing straight ahead on 6 yard box.  GK shuffles to post, touches, and back to center with server, get set, and receive rep.  Focus here is quick and sharp footwork, no big long steps.  Be sure to get set for each rep.
          -volleys to chest (3 each direction)
          -drop kicks to chest (3 each direction)
          -scoops (3 each direction)
          -collapse dives (3 each direction)

4) Shots (LEVEL 2, 3, & 4)
          -1 GK in goal, 2 servers near corner of arc on top of the box
          -5 shots each from both sides
          -2 sets if time permits.  First set at/near GK, Second set extend the GK.  Key here is quality serves.  Be sure GK is getting warmed up and making saves.

5) Crosses (LEVEL 3 & 4)
          -3-4 crosses each from both sides of the field.  If don't have a consistent server with the feet, tosses from the edge of the 6 yard box work here too.

6) Goal kicks (LEVEL 3 & 4)
          -4-6 goal kicks.  Focus on accuracy, not distance.  Target can move around for GK to work on accuracy.

If there is more than one GK, only the starting GK goes through this routine.  If GK's split time and each get a half, GK going in for second half should get physically warmed up (jog, stretch, agility, runs) during the last 10 minutes of the first half and go straight to the goal during half time to get their hands warmed up.  With time constraints of the half time, you may only get through steps 1-3.


Anthony Szymel

Anthony Szymel

Director of Goalkeeping

Phone: 630-217-8161